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Seamless IT Transformation

We simplify and automate your IT, while you transform your business.

Simplify IT Operation Management


IT Management means providing the people, processes, and technologies needed to support your organization's IT environment and infrastructure. With our IT Management solutions, you have access to a wide variety of digital capabilities to manage your business services and its processes. 

At Avattar its not just about providing solutions, but its about partnering with you during implementation and working intelligently based on your needs.


Accelerate application delivery
Simplify your digital transformation
Analyze proactively
Manage your IT assets
Adopt best practices

Robotic Process

Automation (RPA)

Free your staff from repetitive tasks and increase efficiency by implementing resilient and secure software "bots" to automate your business processes.

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360 Monitoring

Detect and correct problems automatically with AI. Monitor everything from hybrid infrastructure environments to user experience.

Asset Management

Manage the Asset's lifecycle and reduce the risk of configuration changes through automatic discovery. Proactively analyze service dependencies and minimize the impact of changes. 

Enterprise Service


Integrate the best technologies and practices in the industry to manage Enterprise Services. Our solutions provide intuitive self-service through a single interface for all users using automation and virtual agents powered by machine learning technology. 

Hybrid Cloud


Manage vulnerabilities, patching and configuration of hybrid environments automatically. Optimize the cost and usage of your environments in public or private clouds.

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